We create indoor furniture for clever bike storage

We design globally & produce in your city

Based in Santiago, Chile


In Chol1 the new relationships that urban cyclists have developed with their bicycles are collected, as a solution to mobility in large cities and the incorporation of these into everyday space.

Founded in 2013, Chol1 was born in Santiago, specifically in Ñuñoa, at Centro creativo Leñería. Since its creation, we have seeked for the collaborative and transversal work between designers, photographers and cyclists.

Chol1 team

  • CEO & Concept design: Manuel Rossel

  • Product & Prototype design: Pedro Garretón

  • Art direction & Render: Paz Piña

  • UX & Web design: Simon Iribarren

Distributed design as model

We have adopted distributed manufacturing in our business model, thanks to this, we connect our customers with local manufacturers around the world. «Instead of mass manufacturing and shipping worldwide, we are building a distributed and ethical supply chain through a global network of manufacturers.»

If you want to know about our Official Makers, click here to see the list.