We design objects for a future where art, quality of life and urbanism combine favorably, all thanks to the passion
for cycling and design.

Designed in Chile & produced in your city by local makers.


“Global design, local manufacturing”

In Chol1 we design furniture that collect the new relationships that urban cyclists have developed with their bicycles, and also connect our customers with their local makers worldwide. Instead of mass fabricating and shipping all over the world, we’re promoting a distributed and ethical supply chain through local maker networks.

Our Business model

Select a design

Explore our catalogue and choose the furniture that work best for you.

Customize it

Select your bicycle’s wheel size and the finish color for your furniture.

Add your location

With your location we’ll choose the closest maker to you, for a more efficient delivery.

Receive your Chol1

Receive your Chol1 furniture in 1 to 2 weeks, directly from your local maker.

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