First collection: Furniture used for bicycle storage

First collection: Furniture used for bicycle storage

Studying ways to improve the cycling experience

A permanent challenge for cycling in the city is finding a place to store your bike: in a small studio where a bed and a sofa barely fit, a bicycle is just one more thing to stumble upon. While a wall-mounted shelf or a bike stand are good answers, we wanted to make a different proposal; a line of furniture that serve as bicycle storage.



Without the bicycle, it looks like a modern piece of furniture, but on top, they are designed to support a bicycle firmly. It is a way to optimize space inside homes, specially designed for those who live in highly urban areas, while adding aesthetic value to our homes. Therefore it becomes more than just a bike stand or bike rack, it also becomes part of the home decor. Bicycles offer benefits both to those who use them (economic savings and a better physical condition), as well as to cities, contributing to their decongestion, decontamination. Our mission is to help urban cyclists to improve their experience, in relation to their bicycles and their intimate space, and thereby encourage the use of bicycles.


Designers: Benjamin Beltran, Manuel Rossel

Collaborators: Asunción Mena, Kamaleon Bikes, Javier Barriga

Photography: Diego Palma

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