Catalog expansion: Concept models

Catalog expansion: Concept models

Designing a language; fitting tests on new furniture models

The second prototype proposals, consisted of 5 hybrid furniture, thought as an alternative to traditional furniture. The main idea is that bicycles cease from being an object left away from sight when you’re at home, to be an object that is exhibited by its design attributes, shape and color, by which they integrate within people’s decoration and lifestyle more and more.

Exploring new ways

This work is framed in an exploration process by the possible types of everyday furniture of an average apartment, and how those could be intervened to put up a bicycle without losing its original functionality. This work came to be the continuation of the first proposal of shelves for bikes; Arrimo, Zen and Ángulo, and on this occasion, we wanted to adjust to the formats of an apartment, considering even more the use of the space, and the dimensions of a furniture.

Catalogue expansion: Concept models

This process enabled us to fusion everyday furniture with our ideas for bike storing, expanding a catalogue and developing an own language of the brand. Our focus, in this case, was to test our fitting pattern with the bicycle, in different sizes and functionalities. As a result of this exercise is that furniture like Buffet, Desk and Bicho were born, as well as some that were discarded.

Designers: Manuel Rossel, Maria Eugenia Rapiman

Collaborators: Fernando Morales

Photography: Diego Palma