Terms & Conditions

General conditions

  1. To buy products in the site, it isn’t necessary to be registered.
  2. The contracts of sale by electronic means offered in this site are submitted to the fulfillment of the in force legislation in Chile. Especially from the regulation of defense to the consumer and protection of personal information.
  3. For all the effects related to the contracts for electronic means offered by this site the supplier and consumer fix his domicile in the commune of Santiago of Chile, to the jurisdiction of whose courts they surrender.


  1. “Consumer” the natural or juridical person who buys goods or services across the electronic platform supplied by this site.
  2. “Supplier” the company Chol1 that by means of this web site offers goods and services to the consumers.
  3. Visit of this web site in which certain goods and services offer, doesn’t impose any obligation on the consumer, except that he has accepted in unequivocal form the conditions offered by the supplier, in the form indicated in these terms and conditions.
  4. There is excluded from all the contracts celebrated by electronic means in the present web site the unilateral right of repurchase that dedicates the article 3 bis letter b) of the protection law to the consumer, fact that is known and accepted by the consumer. The present exclusion under no respect can interpret as a clause of exclusion of responsibility of the supplier before vices and/or fault of the sold thing, which will be ruled by the in force legislation to the epoch of the celebration of the contract
  5. The contracts by electronic means offered in the present site will be understood celebrated, after that the consumer accepts the present terms and conditions and the supplier send to the e-mail indicated by the consumer written confirmation of the same one.
  6. In the contracts offered by means of this site, the supplier will inform, in an unequivocal and easily accessible way, the steps that the consumer must follow to celebrate them, and it will report, if the electronic document in which the contract should be formalized will be filed and if this one will be accessible to the consumer. The mere fact of completing all the steps that for these effects are indicated in this site to effect a purchase, is equivalent to accept that really the offering company has given fulfillment to the conditions contained in this numeral. In addition, the contract for electronic way Will Indicate the postal mail address or electronic of the supplier in order that the consumer could identify and correct eventual mistakes in the sending or in his information.
  7. Any acceptance of offer is subject to the condition precedent that the bidding company to validate the transaction. Accordingly, for the entire operation being conducted on this site, confirmation and / or validation or verification by the supplier it shall be required for the formation of consent.
    To validate the transaction provider shall ensure that: 1. That it has, at the time of acceptance of tender of the species in stock. 2. Validates and accepts the payment method provided by the user. 3. That the data recorded by the customer on the site match those provided upon acceptance of offer. 4. To inform the user or consumer of this validation, the bidding company supplier should send a written request to the same email address you have registered user and accepting the offer referred to in the preceding paragraphs confirmation.

Buyer or Consumer Rights

  1. The consumer shall enjoy all the rights that are granted in these terms and conditions.
  2. Without limiting the foregoing, the consumer will enjoy all the rights under Chilean law on consumer protection in force at the time of the contract, with the exception of the exclusions expressly provided in these terms and conditions. Where appropriate, the consumer has at all times the rights of information, correction and cancellation of personal data under the Act Nº19.628 protection of personal data.

Exchange and Returns Procedure

  1. Without prejudice to the provider excludes the possibility of unilateral withdrawal from the contract electronically, the consumer may request refunds or exchanges, within the territory of Chile, which “may” be accepted by the supplier in order to obtain customer satisfaction. The parties agree and accept that this is a right that is at the sole discretion of the provider. In any case, this request will only make the consumer within 10 working days from receipt of the product.
  2. The requirements for any exchange or return are: to). Request within 3 months after purchasing the product, in case of a flaw or defect that disable the product to their natural use; b). The product must be unused, with labels, in perfect condition and must have the original packaging. You must submit all its accessories, manuals and warranty policies, if they shall have been included in the same office.
  3. Having fulfilled the conditions set forth above in the case of product change only for the same product or one of equal or greater value, in which case it shall, prior to the change paid the price difference if the case can be made.
  4. In the events described above, shipping costs and product recall in case of return, paid by the customer. For security reasons, the customer may not make this office or retirement on their own.

Dispatch of the goods covered by the contract

  1. Goods acquired through this website shall be subject to the conditions of dispatch and delivery chosen by the consumer only within the options for this effect offers the provider in the web site.
  2. All the information concerning the place and name of the firm is the exclusive responsibility of the consumer.
  3. The deadlines chosen for the dispatch and delivery, are counted from the bidding company has validated the purchase order and the payment method used, and are considered business days for these purposes from Monday to Friday, excluding legal holidays
  4. The consumer may not be used as office address mailboxes both in Chile and abroad.
  5. Shipments of products of this site will be conducted where the client determines, under its responsibility and cost.