Home delivery

Shipping costs

In Chol1 we shifted to a more environmentally friendly fabrication model, which reduces not only our carbon footprint, but also delivery costs and time. 

Our Distributed design model works in a way that, the moment you give us your address, we send the order to the closest maker to you. Because of this, we use local mail service to deliver our product to you, therefore there are no import costs.


Delivery dates and times are effective once the purchase and manufacturer selection process are approved.

The dispatch takes place in the next 10 business days.

Shipment days will depend on the type of mail service from each city.

If you buy more than one product, there is a possibility that you receive them in different dates. Check the corresponding dates on the ticket or purchase request or send an email to

Change of date or delivery address
A change in the date or delivery address will only be effective during the first 5 working days since the purchase, because we decide the maker of your product in regard of your location, so we also may contact you in case we find some inconsistency in the information you gave us.