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Augmented reality joins us in the Chol1 catalogue

Digital manufacturing technologies, now more developed than ever, are designed to produce on demand meeting individual needs – that is, products made for people, rather than warehouses or showrooms.

AR (Augmented Reality) technology is growing rapidly and even more so recently, since its incorporation into Instagram in the form of filters. Providing the missing link between digital design and fabrication: a digital showroom.

In collaboration with the developer Sacha Lujan, specialized in making augmented reality filters on the Spark AR platform. Thanks to this collaboration we were able to create a virtual catalog where users can experience a virtual showroom in their own home before their furniture is manufactured.

Being this a tool that allows us to digitize our method of dissemination and marketing especially in this period of pandemic where the way of selling products has radically changed, where social networks have become essential when promoting products, in Based on that, we wanted to expand our way of relating through the creation of the virtual catalog.

Chol1 furniture is made on demand by independent manufacturers, so there is no stock, and without stock, there are no warehouses, or pieces available to display in the showroom. With the incorporation of augmented reality technology, on Instagram, the most popular platform in the world, we are bringing closer and facilitating the testing of the model and its most appropriate color, without leaving your home.

We have taken our designs and modeled them in detail by the Spark AR platform, with the help of our collaborator we have managed to create an immersive and realistic experience, then they have been published on our instagram profile so that everyone can have access to them.

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