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“We redefined our products: Bicho Collection”

As designers and cyclists, we are constantly looking for new ways that help people opt for bicycles and incorporate them into everyday spaces.

We rethink our own product, looking for simple and functional objects, that support more and different bikes.

The result of that design process is our new collection: BICHO

The Story

The story of the bicho furniture began at the same time as the rest of our models, as a result of repeating once again this thought of how an object, through one subtle gesture, allows the incorporation of bicycles into the everyday of our intimate spaces.

Creative process

It was a coffee table, deprived from its cover, placed at the entrance of the apartment to stack the visit’s bikes, the one that this furniture was based on. For the first time, we were adventuring into designing an object that would stack 3 bicycles simultaneously, with the minimum of material, and the maximum of performance.

This process led us to the prototyping of the first version of this furniture, which although it responded to the functional need, that is, to effectively support 3 bikes, the way the furniture was built, convinced little to our team, who ended up deciding to put this model aside until its construction were as efficient as its functionality.


After many years, drawings and scale models, we found a simple way to build this furniture, simplifying its many parts into one module, which with subtle variations, it allows to articulate the shape of the Bicho, taking advantage in an effective way of the use of wood and its assembly logic.

The iteration process was key in this model, the use of scale models at 1:6, allowed to play with the parts in an agile way to get to a result that surprised us.

Different spaces, different shapes

What pushed us to develop this model, was the energy of our clients, who knew about the existence of these prototypes, and they requested us to pick up this design, which solves in many cases, the storing of bikes in houses and offices, with a capacity for many bicycles and of different types.


Distribution method

This furniture uses between 4 and 8 times less wood than the rest of Chol1’s furniture, and to make its Distributed Fabrication production sustainable, is why this can be bought in two ways:

-Immediate purchase: every Bicho uses an x part of the wood plank, by which to use the whole material, for immediate purchase we offer a minimum of x units, the Bicho 3 uses ¼, the Bicho 2 uses ⅙ and the Bicho 1 uses ⅛ of the plank.

-Pre-order: To buy only one Bicho furniture, you can join to a pre-order of clients in your area, to build an order. The moment 4 orders are requested in your area (USA, EU, UK, AUS, etc), we’ll send you an email with the confirmation of your order.

For example:

In the case of the Bicho 3, which uses ¼ of the plank, for immediate purchase you must buy a minimum of 4 units, and in the case of a pre-order, when 4 orders are requested in your area, we’ll confirm your individual request by email.

This way, the unit price corresponds to what has actually been used from the material, and not paying an extra price per unit.


Collaborators: Antonino Reinoso, Isidora Bonnet, Martin Campos, Jazmin Saavedra, Vicente Muga, FabLab U. de Chile

Photography: Francisca Widerström & Esteban Morales

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