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“Trip to the UK: Visit to Spin London”

From the invitation to expose our designs at the annual design products for cycling exhibition “Spin London”. The event was held in May of 2016 at “Old Truman Brewery”, in the neighbourhood of Bricklane, London.

The exhibition had to be taken by one person, who’d travel by airplane from Santiago, Chile, giving enough material so the attendants could understand, in a ludic and expressive way, our Furniture for Cyclists proposal.

Acknowledging that sending just one furniture would be wasting this opportunity, and that it’d be impossible for just one person to carry more than one furniture there, we explored the idea of making the models at a scale of 1:6 (6 times smaller than the originals) from the original blueprints, using the digital technologies of laser cutting.

These tiny furniture, also served as merch during the exhibition, which worked as a way to cover the expenses for our trip.

After this, we incorporated this exercise of working with scale prototypes for new designs, which helps to reduce costs from our design processes, formal and conceptual analysis, in a first stage on the creation of these


Designers: Isidora Bonnet, Nicolás Neira & Manuel Rossel

Photography: Natalia Bustamante

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