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“Implementation of the Ready To Assemble model”

Today, bicycles will become the vehicle of the future, in the best case scenario, so it’s reasonable that furniture design will also analyze how to face this new everyday act of storing your bike inside your apartment.

With the growth of cycling at a global level, along with the reduction of habitable spaces, bicycles have been inevitably stored within the most visible spaces in houses and apartments, like living rooms and bedrooms.

“Think global, act local”

From our first appearances on the internet, the intention of cyclists outside of Chile to be able to acquire our designs arose. It was probably because of this reason that in 2015, we redesigned all of our models, which until then were sold already assembled and just in Santiago, Chile, to make our designs assemblable, enabling the shipping of the them in flat boxes, to cyclists around the globe.

This model of making furniture assemblable, used for the first time by IKEA to facilitate the shipping of their products, allowed us to reach to Europe and the USA, which generated an enormous expansion in our horizons as a brand.

New fabrication methods; CNC

Digital fabrication has changed the rules of the game in which refers to manufacturing, among these technologies, CNC Router has been radical to understand the future of furniture design. Both its precision and its speed enables the making of complex designs, in a velocity that was unthinkable until then, with identical results for each furniture, which has facilitated the process of designing products with assemblies, that dispense with fixation.

Designer: Manuel Rossel

Collaborators: Fernando Morales, Jamez Manuel, Asuncion Mena.

Photography: Diego Palma

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