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“Details design”

Looking to open our designs towards new materials and tastes, on this occasion we tried new shapes and materialities for the fabrication of our products. In the center of this record we put two premises: functionality and sculpturic interaction between furniture and bicycle.

Designing of the details:

From the process of the previous design, where the concept of the furniture was worked on, this time we focused on the details of these: ergonomics, unified style among all the models in the collection and constructive similarities. On this occasion the bicho model was filtered, because it’s constructive shape did not convince our design team, therefore it was left for the next collection.

Collaboration with Masisa; materials and colors

We were invited by the firm Masisa, latinamerican distributor of wood planks, of characteristics not yet tested in furnishing. For the art direction, we worked in basic range of colors, also present in our graphic identity.

Designer: Manuel Rossel

Collaborators: Fernando Morales

Photography: Diego Palma

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