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“Art & design: Functionality and sculpturic interaction between furniture and bicycle”

The human being changes, and these changes are reflected on the everyday acts we do.

This process is constant, and design is called to reflect these new acts into the objects surrounding us.

As furniture designers and cyclists, we have decided to self-entrust us to generate furniture proposals that addresses the cycling related acts, and we started by observing the place of the bike inside of the contemporary household.

The new everyday acts; why study the relation between bicycle and the interior spaces

For years we’ve seen two phenomenons:

One, the growth of cities, accelerated and chaotic, which generates terrible problems for the transportation through them. The personal car as a transportation system, which is expensive and contaminating, has generated a model that instead of being efficient, provoques indebt and stressed people, and polluted cities both because of its air quality and its acoustic levels.

On the other side, the spaces in which we inhabit, spaces even more and more reduced by the square meter, where interior spaces, like the garage, the front and backyard, and others, that before were common places, have been disappearing, places where bicycles were usually put.

Resignification of an object: the bicycle

The rising of the bicycle, appears like a healthy, economic and environmentally beneficial option. Life quality and appreciation of time, appear in the lives of bike users once again. People from all over the world have been progressively understanding the potential of urban cycling as a tool for a better quality of life and as a part of a more environmentally friendly life model.

Bicycle and interior space: beyond the storing

From these precedents, our proposal tries to contribute into the furniture field, to cover a new act in the lives of people who use bicycles, this new act, which is already a fact: Cyclists are leaving their bicycles inside the house, and they don’t own a garage where they can put it in, but this goes beyond that, the bicycle, in this process of paradigm change, it ceased to be the alternative means of transportation, left for weekend rides, to be the most used design object for many.

The bicycle as an expressive object

The bike ceased to be a nuisance and a behind the scenes object, to be the most expressive object and telling both about its owner and their fashion. This expressive content, from the bicycle, is what we want to show off, and not to hide. The bike talks, the storing space is visible, because our spaces have changed, but also because our habits have changed, and now this object is in the center of our habits, which have incorporated it in their medules.

Designer: Manuel Rossel

Collaborators: Fernando Morales

Photography: Diego Palma

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